Lift Planning

VES specializes in lift planning and rigging. Our team is part of the process from pre-construction planning and estimating all the way through the day of final inspection services. We will conduct a site survey with your team for budgeting and planning. During review of the worksite and location we will also discuss the material shop drawings and use this information to determine what size crane, model, and configuration is needed to complete the process safely and efficiently.

We coordinate with local utility companies, other contractors, and local agencies to put together a complete lift plan package. We also prepare any necessary documentation to submit to a reviewing agency, such as Department of Buildings, or Construction Manager for approval.

If required, on-site inspection services can also be provided for the day of operation.

  • Site Surveys
  • Crane Selection & Placement
  • Outrigger/ Crawler Support Design
  • Rigging Designs
  • Inspections

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